Know How to Get Data off Crashed Hard Drive

If you are an IT worker then you are probably aware of the fact that hard disk drive failures are inevitable. Either sooner or lately chances of corruption of HDD always exists. This may be with you or with your friends or known persons. Have you given a thought on how to get data off a crashed hard drive from your Windows or Mac OS? It is understandable how stressful can it turn for the user if suddenly their HDD collapses in middle of some important work. Though these days there are innumerable companies who manufacture system hard drive. The major name includes- Seagate, Kingston, Lexar, Western Digital, Hitachi and many more. With this tool you can even perform data recovery from WD portable hard drive. Since internal HDD have limited storage capacity, therefore the big manufacturers have launched pocket size portable hard disk drive that can have storage capacity of 2TB or more. This type of storage devices are external HDD and can be carried out easily to any place.

What is this software good at?

  • Finding WD Passport files: WD Passport is an external portable storage device, which can accommodate loads of information within it. If you inadvertently delete some important stuffs from this device while removing unwanted folders or your portable storage files goes missing due to sudden abnormal behavior of your hard disk then this software proficiently helps searching out all the deleted and lost files from your WD HDD and restores them back in your Windows or Mac machines. Isn’t WD Passport rescue easy now? Learn more by clicking the link.
  • OS Supportability: This application comes in two different packages one for Windows based OS and other for Mac machines. The best thing is this product is comfortable with the recent version of Windows and Mac too. Thus, if you are using WD 10EAVS HDD as internal or external drive on computer, then the software is best to retrieve files from WD10EAVS drive easily with few minutes.
  • Searches multiple files: This program can find out deleted / lost data files, media files, corrupted images, .ppt files easily on both the local machines.
  • This software is available free on internet and can be up graded easily. To know more about recovery of data from WD hard disk visit:


Stop using the hard disk drive and other flash storage devices instantly, once your device gets corrupted or files vanishes into ether from it. As the data may be overwritten making the chances of recovery feeble.

Don not use the same storage device in different devices as the stored data may get lost or the device may be damaged due to some unknown vulnerabilities.

Avoid abrupt removal of the external HDD from your personal computer. Still you unknowingly removed your connected external HDD then do not worry about your data WD recovery software will help you to recover your lost data from external hard disk like WD USB drive, Seagate, Hitachi drives, etc. Thus, to know more about Western Digital USB hard drive recovery click over this link


  • Accidental Deletion- There many ways on how single or multiple information may get deleted from internal / external hard disk on our personal computer. For instance on performing Shift + Del / Cmd + Del operation on our internal HDD the files may get deleted whereas for external HDD simple Delete option works out. These types of deleted file are not accommodated in the Recycle Bin / Trash.  Another way of deleting content form computer is by making use of Command Prompt / Terminal Point keys. To know about WD data restoration click on WD hard drive deleted files rescue process.

  • Let us look into certain scenarios of information loss on our system-

  • MBR Corruption: MBR (boot sector) stores the Operating System. When you switch on the system, the BIOS first load the boot sector to boot the OS. If the MBR gets damaged then it does not allow the BIOS to boot the OS thereby results in error messages like “Missing Operating System”. In addition, you can also employ this powerful application to restore data from damaged Western Digital hard drive. For more information, click here

  • Bad Media Spots Formation: Old and torn out hard disk drive may contain many bad media spots / bad sectors, which causes other application to hang thus resulting to data loss from SCSI HDD. Whatever files user stored in the HDD prior to the occurrences of bad sector, all becomes inaccessible. In this manner huge data is lost from different other external hard drives such as My Book Essential. But it is not a big problem to retrieve data from WD My Book Essential after bad media spots formation. You just need this tool to accomplish this task.

  • Reformat Partition: Sometimes it is necessary to change storage devices from one file system to another file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS file system or vice-versa on Windows OS and for NTFS to HFS for Mac machines. Errors that take place during the file systems conversion may lead to corruption of the existing partition thus resulting in data loss. To overcome this circumstance in Mac machines follow the URL:

Learn how to get data off a crashed hard drive-

After running the utility on the Windows or Mac computers, user needs to select any one option "Recover Drives" and proceed ahead.

How to get data off a crashed hard drive - Main Screen

In the second screen, user needs to select any one of the two option. To recover lost files from Kingston pen drive user needs to select the option "Parition Recovery / Formatted-Reformatted Recovery".

How to get data off a crashed hard drive - Second Screen

In the 3rd step user needs to select the drive from which they want to recover the deleted or lost files and folders. Once the drive is selected, a thorough scan runs to search for the files.

How to get data off a crashed hard drive - Select Drive

User has the option to preview the recovered files and then save the retrieved data in a new destination folder once they are satisfied with the recovery process.

How to get data off a crashed hard drive - Preview Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users