How to Recover Data from Western Digital Passport Hard Drive?

Western Digital has a wide range of external storage device. WD Passport is one of the portable external storage device launched by Western Digital Company. My Passport drives are crafted in a way to give it a look and size that of a passport. Drive of the Passport series does not require power socket. It has become more popular in today’s world because of its small size and large storage capacity. It can hold data of 1TB within it and it has also got a sleek, fashionable look. Although they are designed to accommodate loads of files and folders in it, still there always lies a risk of deletion or loss of important contents from the portable external storage media. The main reason behind missing / lost data file is assumed to be corruption. In such situation you can now easily recover WD Passport damaged or accidentally deleted files.

A Common Scenario to consider-

Normally people use it to maintain back up of all the important and precious files. Have you ever thought if suddenly your entire back up files happens to be vanished because of some unknown reasons then what immediate steps are to be taken? To understand the concept of this restoration wizard, we shall elaborately look into a scenario where user keeps maintaining his back up on his WD Passport but one day he remains stunned to see that all his back up files are missing as soon as he connects the Passport to his Mac computer. What worries user most is that it held some of the most cherished and vivid memories. User keeps combing internet for some reliable restoration application but nothing turns out. If this your case, what will you do?? You are luckily fortunate as this program supports all the different editions of Mac computers.

Why to use this Passport recovery tool?

  • This program can effectively perform corrupt hard disk data recovery within few seconds.
  • As WD storage media are vulnerable to power surge issues, hence this software has been designed in a way to rescue data and files lost after conking battery or power fluctuation issue.
  • This software also supports WD Passport, WD My Book, WD Elements data recovery all the different versions of Windows and Mac computers.
  • It excellently retrieves data from non-bootable device.
  • It rescues different types of multimedia files, documentary word files, inadvertently deleted data and files from WD hard disk drive.

Do's and Don’ts-

As soon as you find out some information are being deleted unintentionally from your device, or you mind the data contents are missing from your Western Digital Passport it is recommended not to perform any read / write operation in it so as to prevent overwriting of the lost / deleted contents from it.

Don not use the same storage device in different devices as the stored data may get lost due to virus infection.

Avoid abrupt removal of the external storage device from your Windows or Mac OS based computers.

Glance at how data and files may get deleted / lost from the WD Passport

User Errors: User / human errors are most responsible for unaware deletion of data and files from different storage devices.

Usage of Command Prompt / Terminal Point-

Command Prompt and Terminal Point is used in all the versions of Windows and Macintosh OS. If user wants to delete files permanently from any of the Windows OS then they can make use of command prompt keys like “DELETE” or “ERASE” to delete single or multiple files in a way that they do not get accommodated in the Recycle Bin and the free space is maintained in the local machine.
For Mac machines, as it is based on UNIX there is Terminal Point instead of Command Prompt. The command used to delete information and contents are-
rm- To delete a single file / folder.
rm-rf- To delete multiple files and folders in a single time.

Accidental Deletion-

Since Passport is an external storage device hence even on performing simple deletion (without the usage of short keys), the document or folder on which delete operation is performed does not gets stored in the system’s Recycle Bin or Trash. User must use a reliable and robust recovery toolkit.

Cut / Paste Operation-

When we want to move some folder or certain precious files from computer to the external device or vice-versa, we may unintentionally hit the “Delete” button instead of “Paste” option. With one fast click the file vanishes into ether. Hence user must be careful with file transferring issues.

Data Loss: Data or file loss takes place from the external storage media only when the drive is accidentally formatted or it gets worn out and damaged due to over usage.

Accidental Format-

 This is when we unawarely format a wrong drive instead of some other drive. This result into severe data loss when the accidentally formatted drive is your storage device.

Bad Sectors-

Bad sectors are also known as bad spots. When your storage device gets worn out or it becomes aged because of being in used for long period, formation of bad spots takes place. Once bad sectors are formed the data stored into the device becomes inaccessible and refuses to mount up thereby leads to loss of digital files.

Guidelines to Recover Data from Western Digital Passport-

Step 1: To restore deleted files from WD Passport first you need to download and install Recover WD software on your system and launch the tool. Select "Recover Partitions" option from the Home Screen. Then, among the list of available drives (Physical & logical), choose the drive representing your WD hard disk and hit Scan button to initiate scanning

Recover Data from Western Digital Passport - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Upon the completion of scanning the WD hard disk, a list of found partitions are displayed on the screen. Now, choose the logical partition of WD hard drive from where files has to be recovered and click Scan button to begin recovery.

Recover Data from Western Digital Passport - Second Screen

Fig 2: Choose WD Hard Drive Partition

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed. You can view the recovered files in File Type View, and Data View

Recover Data from Western Digital Passport - Select Drive

Fig 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Finally, preview the recovered files & save them at the desired location of your choice

Recover Data from Western Digital Passport - Preview Files

Fig 4: Preview & Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users