How to Retrieve Data from Dead Hard Drive?

Sometimes, it has been noticed that due to system crash your hard drive becomes corrupted and it becomes inaccessible. When you start your computer then it does not get recognized by the system. This situation poses a lot of problem for users as their data becomes inaccessible. This problem becomes a disaster especially when you do not have taken a separate backup of your data stored on hard drive. Most of the users think that if their hard drive has become dead,  then all their valuable data stored on it is lost but in reality this is only a misconception the truth is that with the aid of Recover WD tool you can easily recover dead hard drive data.

It does not matter whether you are using laptop or desktop; sometime its hard drive starts behaving in a strange manner and becomes inaccessible. This thing generally occurs when your system abruptly shut downs due to power outage or because of some other problem.  If your system abruptly shuts down then chances of its hard drive being dead is many fold high. Virus or malware attacks can also a possible cause which can make your hard drive dead and you won’t be able to read data from it.

Apart from sudden system shutdown, your hard drive also becomes dead due to corruption. If your hard drive has become corrupted then all its data housing on it becomes inaccessible. Obviously you will be very disappointed after such type of incident, but, fortunately there is a tool which is popular for recovery of data from dead laptop in a very effective manner. Using recover WD software, you can easily recover data from corrupted or dead hard drive with ease. For any answer on the question like how to extract data from dead hard drive, go with our robust software. And, this tool can also be employed to restore deleted files from WD hard drive. To know how to get back deleted data from WD hard Drive visit here:

This tool is famous for data recovery from hard drive of having file system of Fat 32, ExFAT, NTFS5, HFS, and many others. This software is also capable to recover data from external hard drive of various brands including SanDisk, Kingston and many more.  You can also use this tool to recover data from WD portable hard drive with ease. This tool is capable to recover data from hard drive of a computer after it has become crashed. Once the recovery process is over you can preview the recovered data and then you can restore it depending upon satisfaction level. This tool has a nice user interface which helps users by providing them guides step by step about how to retrieve data from dead hard drive. In case your WD passport has been formatted, then you can make use of this application to recover files from formatted Western Digital Passport drive. This software is recommended by many software industry experts as the best dead hard drive data recovery tool.  It algorithm makes it very unique because it is developed by highly software professionals and it comes handy to scan hard drive. If you want to know how this tool recovers data from crashed hard drive, then have a look over this URL:

Steps to recover dead hard drive data-

Step 1: Download and install the tool and then launch it. From the home screen, choose "Recover Drives" option to recover data from dead hard drive as shown in figure 1. After that from next screen you have to choose "Recover Partition" option.


How to Extract Data from Dead Hard Drive - Home Screen

Figure1: Home Screen

Step 2: From this screen of tool, you have to select logical drive from which you want to get back data as shown in figure 2.

How to Extract Data from Dead Hard Drive - Choose Logical Drive

Figure2: Choose Logical Drive

Step 3: Once the dead hard drive data recovery process is over, you will get the preview of recovered data and can save it using the Save feature of this tool as shown in figure 3.

How to Extract Data from Dead Hard Drive - Save Recovered Data

Figure3: Save Recovered Data

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