Deleted File Recovery from WD Hard Drive

Western Digital Corporation is mainly a HDD manufacturing MNC. It is one of the largest hard disk drive manufacturers. So far it has launched much local and external hard drive for both the Windows and Mac OS. Some of the hard disk drive product includes- WD Passport, WD my book, WD Book Thunderbolt and many more. Although the external hard drives crafted by Western Digital has even storage capacity of 3TB, but it turns out to be annoying when few important data and files get deleted from your Western Digital hard disk drive.

Deletion of data and files mainly takes place due to human errors and the top most reason can be selecting a wrong file or folder for deletion while attempting to delete multiple information in a single click. Let us now take the case of WD Passport which is a portable external hard disk drive. Sometimes it may be that you might need to delete out some unwanted old files and folders from your external hard disk drive in order to maintain backup of official project files. The blunder mistake happens when you select an important file along with some other files. Since it is your external USB device, the files you delete do not get dumped into the Recycle Bin or Trash. In this case you must keep wondering how to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive? Well no need to worry more, because with Recover WD software you can easily undelete files on Western Digital hard drive. This tool is particularly designed to recover files from WD Passport, WD My Book and other WD devices. If you want to recover files on WD Passport? Then for detailed information just refer this page.

Deletion of data files and folders from your Western Digital hard drive can be due to-

  • Unintentional deletion of files and folders
  • Faulty method to transfer files from one device to another
  • Unplugging the external hard drive abnormally
  • Running an antivirus program

We shall elaborately look into the above mentioned scenarios.

Amazing feature or WD HDD recovery-

This application is a multitasking and user-friendly toolkit as users do not have to gather any type of technical knowledge to use it and this recue program effectively helps us to retrieve deleted files from WD hard drive. This application is capable enough to restore WD My Passport Slim 2TB data like audio, video, documents of all formats, etc. within few moments. Using this tool user can even recover files from WD portable hard drive. If you want recollect more information about it then visit this link: This software is available for free on internet. One can easily download the trial version by hitting the download option on this page. It is popular in market because it supports all the different editions of Windows and Mac OS. One can also make use of this ultimate product to rescue data from crashed HDD within few seconds. Because of all the above stated features this tool is considered as a finest apllication to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive. With the help of this software, you can recover data from WD external hard disk which is not detecting on Windows or Mac system within few mouse clicks.

Tips for you-

User should be more careful while performing deletion operationon their computer's HDD.

If you have deleted unintentionally few important content along with unimportant files then make use of a reliable rescue tool which can get back all the deleted files that were not dumpede into the Recycle Bin / Trash.

Backup maintainence is very important for the users who daily deals with loads of data files.

Use trustworthy application like recover WD to retrieve deleted files from WD hard drive.

Scenarios resulting into deletion of files-

  • The first point to discuss is unintentional deletion. This is when we select multiple files and folders to delete at a time. In this case, there is always a chance of wrong selection i.e.; selecting a wrong file along with other unnecessary data files. If your storage media is a local drive you can restore the files back to their original position from the Recycle Bin or Trash but if it is your WD external drive, you definitely have to rely on a reliable recovery program. But if you perform Shift + Delete / Cmd + Del operation on your local drive your files will get deleted without being stored into the temporary storage device of your personal computer. In order to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive after accidental deletion make use of this WD drive recovery tool.
  • The second point is about faulty method of transferring files from one drive to another or from one device to another. If you select the Delete option after the Cut option your files will be bypassed from the Recycle Bin / Trash.
  • In case your external HDD is a Western Digital product and you unplug it from the USB port of your device without following the proper method like you remove it without selecting the b