Restore WD Hard Drive

  • Powerful multitasking software to recover WD passport deleted / lost data or files from Windows and Mac OS.
  • Recover data from hard drive having bad sectors.
  • Magnificently restores data from lost volumes / partitions.
  • Identifies and retrieves up to 50 different file types.

How to recover WD lost / deleted data files?

WD is the abbreviation for Western Digital. It is also sometimes called as WDC (Western Digital Corporation). It is one of the largest computer HDD manufacturers in the world. With the steady rise in the technology and digital media, it has become important to store all the data file or information somewhere. Of course when storage of bulk information comes, the device that strikes first into our mind is the system’s hard drive, the integrant part of Windows and Mac computers. There are innumerable hard disk drive manufacturers in the market; one among them is Western Digital. It is often shortened as WDHDD, WD hard disk / drive and is a non-volatile storage device that is used to store digital information or data files on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surface. Although these storage media can accommodate loads of files but there is always a chance of deletion or loss of important / unimportant files and folders from it. If in case you loss or inadvertently delete some of the files from the device then how will you recover WD files back in your personal computer?

Western Digital Recovery-

Most of the WD users may get worried after they accidentally delete or happen to loss some of their important documents. Sometimes loss takes place when it becomes necessary to format the partition or delete the partition in order to create a new partition when we reinstall the OS. However there is also a possibility to format the Western Digital hard drive unintentionally or people will some time delete a wrong partition too due to carelessness and only to discover later that there important and precious files are gone after few quick clicks. Rather than this there are many various other reasons for data loss from computer hard disk, some of them are listed below:

  • External Threats: Virus or malware infection on your system hard disk drive leads to the drive file system corruption. And once the drive file system gets corrupt then you can’t fetch single file from your HDD which finally ends with complete drive data loss.
  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drive: A single hard drive contains thousands of sectors within it, on which data get saved. If any of the sector get corrupt or damaged then you cannot add any new data on that particular sector. Bad sectors on hard drive generally occur due virus infection, over clocking, heat and many more.
  • Partition Table Corruption: In case you are working on hard drive with multiple OS, then there are possibilities of boot loader getting corrupt and boot loader corruption will leads to partition table damage which resulting in data loss.

Under this type of consequences when there is a severe data loss all you need is to rely on Western Digital recovery software to retrieve WD data data. It is a magnificent recovery tool to recover WD drive data in less amount of time. Using this tool you can easily get back wd hard drive data. To acquire complete info about deleted file recovery from WD hard drive refer this link.

Find data from crashed hard drive-

HDD manufactured by different electronic corporate companies have a certain life time. The above mentioned reasons are also responsible for the breakdown of normal hard disk that is being marketed by other MNC. Whatever be the reason behind a damaged hard drive it becomes important to immediately use a reliable rescue operator. This application can be useful to you even in case of other brand HDD. If you possess a damaged Western Digital hard disk drive and in order to know some more ways to retrieve data and files from it you can go through the page ( Because of all these features this tool is considered as best software to retrieve WD data.

Features of WD Recovery Software-

  • This utility can scan the entire hard drive within no time and recover all the deleted and lost files.
  • Software smoothly run on all famous versions of Windows and Mac OS. In case you want to recover WD drive data on Mac platform then you can choose Mac version of this tool.
  • It can also restore the files that have been deleted using the Command or Terminal point and Short cut key from both the OS. This application also has the ability to retrieve lost or deleted data files and folders based on their unique signatures.
  • This Western Digital recovery wizard also supports recovery of files from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS5, HFS etc efficiently.
  • Excellent tool to restore media files from other storage media such as WD my book, Western Digital passport, WD portable drives etc.
  • This restoration software can be used to undelete files from other HDD brands that include SanDisk, Kingston and many more. It is read-only software and is virus proof.

Alert! Things to maintain after loss or deletion-

Stop using the WD internal or external storage device instantly, once your device succumbs or files get lost or deleted from it. As the data may be overwritten making the chances of recovery feeble.

Don not use the same storage device in different devices as the stored data may get lost

Always keep your antivirus program updated so as to prevent the device from attack by suspicious malwares.

Learn how to retrieve WD data with this recovery software

First of all remove the hard drive from your system and connect it to some healthy computer. Download Western Digital recovery software on that healthy system. Run the application and follow the main screen. Click on “Partition Recovery” option to retrieve partition data. The software scans and displays all the internal and external hard drive attached to the system. Select the drive which represents your WD hard drive and click on “Next”. Now software thoroughly scans the selected WD hard disk and displays you all the partitions it was having. Select the partition from where you want restore file and click on “Next”. This time software scans the selected partition and displays all the recoverable files in two different views “Data Type” view and “File Type” view. Select the file which you want to recover back. By using “Preview” option you can even preview the recoverable file before saving. By using “Save” option you can save the recovered files to your desired location either internal HDD/external hard drive or on CD/DVDs.

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